"Janel and Jared Tjiong of the Filipino Student Association will be teaching a Wushu (Chinese martial arts) rehearsal/seminar in order to prepare FSAmembers for future performances and cultural events. Wushu is a very popular international sport that is widely practiced for fitness, performance, and self defense. It is also an official sport in the World University Games and has been short-listed for the Olympics. The objective of this rehearsal/seminar is to promote greater knowledge of Asian culture and provide students with the opportunity to learn Wushu for health, fitness, and performance. These practices are also open to anyone who is interested in learning a new and fun martial art!"

​April 2017

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Congratulations Lawrence, Austin, Marila, Jack, Peter, Jared and Janel - Rutgers Wushu members!They competed at the 2017 University Wushu Games on Saturday, December 2nd in College Park, Maryland.

​2017 University Wushu Games

Peter - Gold Medal

Marila - Silver Medal

Janel - Gold Medal

Jared - Gold Medal

Jack - Gold & Silver Medal

​Dec 2, 2017

Congratulations Austin, Mariah, Janel and Jared - Rutgers Wushu members!They competed at the 2017 US International Wushu Kung Fu Tournament on Sunday, May 28th in Atlantic City, NJ.

​2017 US Int'l Wushu Kung Fu Tournament

Austin - Silver Long Fist

Mariah - TBA

2017 US Traditional Wushu Team Members

Janel - Gold Dbl Jianshu, Gold Cha Quan

Jared - Gold Dbl Daoshu, Gold Chain Whip

​May 28, 2017